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The Jet Bag - Travel Wine Bag - Information / FAQ

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About the Jet Bag

  • Helps protect bottles of wine, liquor, perfume, vinegar, and other liquids when traveling.
  • Zipper top bag seals and absorbs up to 750 ml of wine (equivalent to a standard size bottle!)
  • MADE IN THE USA and the bag is resealable, reusable, and recyclable!
  • Compact design and built-in handle allows for convenient use. Lightweight and easy to store in your luggage, vehicle, drawer, or wherever you find useful.
  • 5 Year Manufacturer Guarantee!

Protect Your Valuables and Wine

Finally, an innovative solution that protects both your wine and your valuables. The JetBag protects your wine bottle from the abuse your luggage will endure while traveling and the ultra-absorbent material on the inside of the JetBag protects all your valuables inside your luggage in the unlikely event your wine bottle breaks. The absorbent padding will rapidly absorb 100% of any liquid spilled, up to 750ml. The JetBag is also equipped with a zipper style seal to ensure no liquid leaks out. Simply slide your wine bottle, conditioner or glass beer bottle, oil, vinegar, etc. into the bag, seal the bag closed and you are on your way! Easy and Effective!

Travel With Piece of Mind

The beauty of the JetBag is two fold. The JetBag not only protects your wine bottle from the rigors of traveling but the ultra-absorbent material on the inside of the bag prevents any liquid from leaking out and damaging your clothing and other valuables. Wrapping your wine bottle, perfume and shampoo in socks, newspaper or bubble wrap is fine, but what happens when they break inside your suitcase? Everything is ruined. The JetBag is lined with the same cushy and absorbent material found in baby diapers. The material inside the bag not only protects the delicate bottle of liquid but will absorb 100% of the liquid if the bottle breaks, keeping your other valuables completely safe. Simply slide your wine bottle, conditioner or glass beer bottle, oil, vinegar, etc. into the bag, seal the bag closed and you are on your way!

The Jet Bag FAQ

Where is the JetBag® made?

JetBags® are made in Michigan. Yes, they are Made in the USA! In fact, The JetBag parent company, Idea Mia, LLC, has partnered with a dynamic manufacturing company, with a unique mission. We are proud to be a part of this special community whose mission is to ensure individuals with disabilities receive comprehensive, efficient, and integrated community and employment choices with services that maximize individual independence.

How much liquid can a JetBag absorb?

They are designed to absorb up to 750ml (standard wine bottle) of liquid.

What types of items can JetBags be used to transport?

The most popular items transported in our bags are wine bottles, champagne, liquor bottles, olive oil, pickles, perfume, as well as shampoo and conditioner.
​Customers have also used our bags to travel with hot sauces, glass beer bottles and essential oils.

What are the dimensions of the JetBag?

The Jet Bag measures 19.875" (Length) x 7" (Width). The zipper style enclosure is located 16.5" from the base of the bag.

What is the difference between the different styles?

There is no functional difference between the styles. The only difference is the graphic designs on the exterior of the bag.

Testing the JetBag® - Wine Packing Accessory Efficacy


Before Idea Mia released the JetBag® to travel the world, we tested the design to ensure protection, absorbency and retention where all valid marketing claims of the product. To ensure these claimes we conducted several trials in order to test The JetBag’s protective and absorbent properties. What we found was that we had indeed created a new and innovative product for packing wine bottles inside and outside our luggage and suitcases.

Wine Travel Bag Test 1: Protection Design

Group 1: 50 bottles packed into JetBags®.
Group 2: 50 uncovered bottles. Each group was covered with 3 layers of t-shirts and placed into a soft-sided travel suitcase.

The suitcase was impacted with a large, flat object. This object (25 lbs) was attached to a rope and let swing freely from a height of 6 feet (2 meters). At impact, it exerted a force equal to 12 N or 56.26 pounds force per inch. Each test group in the trial was impacted in the same location (bottle neck) and at the same intensity. Each bottle was hit a maximum of 7 times.

Primary Endpoint: Verify the efficacy of The JetBag® in protecting both the bottle as well as the clothing (similar environment to that of luggage prepared for travel).

Registered Outcome:
With JetBag® Without JetBag®
Number of Hits 350 285
Number of Breakage 0 43
Hits to Breakage Ratio N/A 5.81

Results: The JetBag® vastly increased chances of impact survival. To summarize, if properly packaged and placed inside a travelers luggage, a wine bottle inside a JetBag® should provide ample bottle protection to ensure safe transport during travel.

Wine Travel Bag Test 2: Absorbency Design

780ml of green-dyed 65% proof alcohol was poured inside The JetBag® which was left at rest for 50 seconds. Experiment was repeated 25 times.

Primary Endpoint: Verify the efficacy of The JetBag® in absorbing the content of 1/5 of a U.S. gallon.

Registered Outcome: The JetBags® were opened. Visually and to touch, bags felt dry. No liquid pooling was observed.

Results: The JetBag® absorbed 100% of 780ml. To summarize, the JetBag® demonstrates the ability to absorb the full contents of a standard 750ml bottle of wine. Therefore, the JetBag® provides a second layer of protection during travel in the event of failure resulting from pressure expansion during flight or other extreme external forces.

Wine Travel Bag Test 3: Retention Design

780ml of green-dyed 65% proof alcohol was poured inside The JetBag® which was left at rest for 18 hours (18 hours being the average time a travelers luggage is under an airline’s control during flights from U.S. to Europe). Experiment was repeated 25 times.

Primary Endpoint: Verify the efficacy of The JetBag® in retaining the content of 1/5 of a U.S. gallon for a prolonged amount of time.

Registered Outcome: The JetBags® were opened. Visually and to touch, bags felt dry. No liquid pooling was observed.

Results: The JetBag® retained 100% of 780ml for at least 18 hours. to summarize, the JetBag® not only demonstrates the ability to absorb the contents of a standard wine bottle, tests indicate that the liquid inside a bottle would continue to be retained inside the JetBag® for a considerable amount of time. This should help lay fear aside to anyone who is worried about glass piercing through the bag and the contents spilling out into their luggage during travel.

Wine Travel Bag Testing Conclusion...The initial tests performed on our JetBag® have laid the foundation for the countless testimonies that speak these very same truths time and time again. Does the JetBag® offer protection against breakage during travel? Answer, Yes! Does the JetBag® offer addition protection against extreme forces resulting in breakage never the less? Answer, Yes! Is there any other product for packing wine and other breakable goods that offers two layers of protection, not just one? Answer, No... there is only one JetBag®!


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